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Services & Procedures


Well-woman exams

Well-man exams

Well-child exams

Sports, school, and camp physicals


Audio Screening


Eye Screening



Our 12-lead computer-based EKG system generates results quickly and accurately.


Spirometry (lung function testing)

We use the latest computer-based lung function testing to measure flow and volume with


Wart, mole, lesion, skintag removal

We can remove unsightly or irritating skin growths, and do biopsies when necessary.


Abcess and infection drainage

Even large wounds that require re-packing don't cost anything extra for our patients.


Joint injections

When rehabilitation and medication aren't enough we can directly inject medicine into joints to provide relief from osteoarthritis pain.


Toe and fingernail procedures

Whether injured, infected, or ingrown, we can take care of your digits.


Weight loss program

Our physician and lifestyle health coach work together to help you set goals and achieve them. Nutrition assessment and planning, motivation and even guided shopping trips are included.


Diabetes management

Diabetes is a serious disease, but it is often preventable and sometimes curable. Our physician and lifestyle health coach work together to ensure you feel your best.


Hashimotos management

This disease sounds Japanese.


Earwax removal

Sometimes wax builds up in our ears causing hearing loss or infections. We


IV fluids



Our in-house phlebotomist makes it really convenient to get labwork done. We take time to ensure our blood draws are as accurate and painless as possible.


Big savings on Lab tests

We've negotiated the best cash rates on labwork - and you won't have to wonder what the prices are before you order.

  • Boston Heart
  • Food sensitivity
  • Hormones
  • Genetic
  • Micronutrient
  • Thousands more


Big savings on Imaging

We've negotiated the best cash rates on imaging - and you won't have to wonder what the prices are before you order.

  • X-rays
  • MRI
  • CAT-Scan
  • DEXA
  • Many more



Comprehensive annual physical



Medical-grade Body Composition Analysis



Individualized Meal Planning



Supplement guidance



Functional medicine



IUD removals






Broken bones (certain cases)



Flu test



Strep test



Occult Blood Testing



Pregnancy Testing



INR testing



flu immunizations



hormone management - testostereone, BIHT, estrogen, etc



Cholesterol management.



anxiety management



blood pressure management


IV nutrition

Injectable Multivitamin

Hormone pellets

Bioidentical hormones

IMT thickness carotid scanning - sent lumify


DEXA scan

Lifestyle Health Coach (also add on fees page)

save you money on labs + imaging (fees, services, home, benefits)


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